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Changing Name on Passport

Legally all official documentation should have your registered name. Official documentation includes the following driving license, bank accounts, credit cards, medical records, council tax account, Birth certificate, National Insurance card and passport. So if your name changes then you will need to renew your passport which will reflect your new name. The current renewal fee is £72.50 for an adult, click this link for more information renewal fees.

Your name may change due to the following:

  • by Deed Poll

  • Marriage

  • Separation or divorce

  • Entering into a civil partnership

  • Sex change

Documentation required when you changing your name

If you've changed your name (eg through marriage, changed the spelling or added a middle name), you must send extra documents with your application which may be the following:

  • Marriage certificate

  • Deed Poll is you change your name

  • Civil partnership certificate

Before you change your name on your passport remember the following;

Your old passport will be cancelled and some countries will not accept visas that have issued in a cancelled passport.

If you get a post dated passport due to marriage or civil partnership bear in mind that some countries will not issue visas in post-dated passports - therefore check with the country's embassy before making the application.

A simple mistake to make, the name on your passport must be the same as the name on your air tickets.

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