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Irish passport office London

The easiest way to renew your Irish passport in Great Britain is make an appointment at the Irish passport office in London.

Irish Passport Office in London address

Embassy of Ireland
114a Cromwell Road,
Great Britain

Tel: 020 7373 4339
Fax: 0207 3734589

You need to follow the following steps to renew your Irish passport in Britain


Book an appointment
To book an appointment you will need call the Irish passport Office in London on 020 7373 4339.


Complete Application form
Complete application Form APS2. The application form must also be signed by a witness.


Gather required supporting documents

  • Expired passport

  • 4 Passport Photographs (2 witnessed)

  • Long form birth certificate.

  • Civil Marriage Certificate (if you are changing your name)

  • Additional documents for first and/or lost passport applications


Pay Irish passport renewal fee

Below you will find the passport fees:

Standard Passports

  • Standard 10-year passport is £70

  • Large 66-page, 10-year passport is £96

  • Standard 5-year passport for those between 3 and 18 years is £23

  • Standard 3-year passport for those under 3 years is £14

Emergency Passports

  • Adult - £114

  • Under 18s - £47

  • Children Under 3 - £38


Processing time
The current standard processing time is approximately 6 weeks. Urgent passport application will take between 24 hours to 1 week.

Who can witness your passport?

  • Police Officer;

  • Member of Clergy;

  • Medical Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, Dentist, Vet;

  • Lawyer, Solicitor and Legal Executives (registered with the law society or Institute of Legal Executives);

  • Bank Official (this includes building societies, credit unions, postmasters and sub-postmasters);

  • Elected Public Representative (this includes members of Parliament & County Councillors);

  • Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths, Peace Commissioner;

  • Social Worker;

  • Teacher, Lecturer;

  • Accountant.

Need more help?

Call the passport adviceline for the following help:

  • General Enquiries
  • Passport Tracking
  • Urgent Passports
  • Help Filling Forms
  • Which Documents to Send
  • Photo & Signature Requirements
  • Application Timescales
  • Reporting Lost/Stolen Passport

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