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Passport Photo Requirements

Requirements for Passport Photos

If you're filing a paper form for your passport application, it necessitates the submission of two identical hard copy photos.

For digital passport applications, you'll require digital photos.

Even if your physical appearance has remained unchanged, a new photo is mandatory each time you renew your passport.

Ensure that the photo has been captured within the last month to be acceptable.

If your photo submissions fail to comply with the stipulated rules, expect delays with your application.

If you are disabled, assistance is available for crafting your passport photos.

Dimensions for Printed Passport Photos

Two matching photos must be provided. The specifications dictate:

  • Each photo should be 45 millimetres (mm) high by 35mm wide, which is a standard size in the UK's photo booths.

  • Trimming a larger photo will not be accepted.

If you use a photo booth situated outside UK, verify that it can produce photos of 45mm (height) by 35mm (width).

Portrait Details

The image of you, spanning from the top of your head to your chin, should measure anywhere between 29mm and 34mm in height.

Print Quality of Your Photos

Your photos must:

  • Be professionally printed

  • Deliver crisp, clear and in-focus shots.

  • Be featured in colour on an ordinary white photographic paper minus any border.

  • Avoid any wrinkles or ripped corners.

  • Remain unmarked on both sides, except if countersigning is necessary.

  • Not be doctored in any way digitally.

Print Photo Composition

The images must:

  • Comprise a clear close-up of your full face and upper shoulders, without any additional object or person.

  • Be taken against a smooth cream or light grey backdrop.

  • Exhibit clear contrast to the backdrop.

  • Avoid 'red eye' effect.

In the image, you should:

  • Directly face the camera and keep your eyes open.

  • Maintain a neutral facial expression and closed mouth.

  • Ensure your eyes and no hair obstructs your face.

  • Avoid any form of facial coverage, including a head covering, unless for religious or medical reasons.

  • Prevent any shading on your face or in the background.

You're advised not to wear glasses unless necessary. If needed, they mustn't be sunglasses or coloured glasses. The frames, glare, shadows, or reflection shouldn't shroud your eyes.

Photo Guidelines for Babies and Children

Infants and children should be the only subjects in the photo. Toys or pacifiers are not allowed for babies.

Children aged below six don't necessarily have to look directly into the camera or maintain a straightforward expression.

Infants under one don't need to have their eyes open. Their heads can be subtly supported using your hand. However, your hand should not be visible within the photo frame.

Submitting Your Photos

When posting your application, ensure your images are:

  • Separated from each other

  • Loose rather than being affixed to the application form

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